Naked, Human & Beautiful

What is your mask today?
The happy one or the proud one?
How about the one I know everything?
And the one you ususally wear; the guard,
Is it really your favorite?

Which color is your mask today?
Like a Shakespearean green-eyed monster?
Oh, such a jealous guy!
Or the calm of blue; using selected words,
Only business and mind; sort of the professional look?
Red of anger?
Not thinking a moment,
Reacting like an animal rather than responding human!
And punishing everyone including self.
Or smiles of yellow? sunshines, unreal happiness,
Fashion, makeup, trends…

What are the poses of today,
Related to your masks?
Isn’t it a hard life:
To act, to act, to act…?
Why are you afraid of being naked?
Showing your emotions,
Saying the words you always wanted to say;
Just being Self…
Why is there so much fearfulness?
And tell me,
What if others know your weaknesses?
And be aware; you call them weaknesses,
I call them beauty.

What if you take today
As the first day of your mask-free, pose-free day?
What if you get rid of all your heavy loads;
The words not really belonging to your real Self,
But only to the act of your Act?
What if today,
You and me,
Talk together as you and me;
Naked, human, beautiful…

Deniz Kite, 24th June 2007, Listening to Come Prima, P. Buanne