Two men;
Same age and experience
Start from zero,
The ground-up I could say.

One prefers to struggle up a mountain,
But helps others to climb up too.
At the end of each day of his life,
He has pleasure, but not knowing why.
With pure satisfaction, he finds only peace.

One prefers to dig down with power and pleasure.
But while digging down, he takes others with him as well.
Each time he falls deeper than he was before
And is in pain not knowing why though.

After some time,
One reaches the peak as you can imagine
With lots of bruises, tears and tired legs.
Yet the other one
Reaches the deepest depth ever possible
With pain, darkness and lots of dirt around him.

There was a choice at ground level:
Either to go uphill or to go downhill
Both needed some imagination, some work, some power.
They had the choice
Either to be at a peak with a great view
And sunshine and celebrations,
Or to be in their own grave with total darkness
And everything falling upon them.