Hell could be with you,
Over the seven scales of a Dragon.
For sure it wouldn’t have been an easy ride…
But it has to be completed once it is started;
It is about learning what to do and what not to do,
Like learning when to speak and when to be quiet,
To be quiet sometimes for months,
Only watching,
Sort of a day-dreaming,
The things;
Whatever the things may mean,
Within a four dimensional scale.

Heaven could be with you,
After diets, silence, understanding,
Over the world…
Not a gift or a promised island as belived,
But peace;
As me, you and us.
Heaven could be a relief,
That we could reach together,
After love, forgiveness and compassion,
Together with celebrations of all kinds;
And being human,
With mind-heart- soul together.

This journey could be with you…
Who travelled with me
All the way from slavery to freedom,
From sadness to happiness,
From expectation to acceptance,
From hell to heaven;
From the ones we created here and to the ones beyond…

Deniz Kite, 22nd December 2007,
Listening to Chicago