Under The Stars With A Smile

In Italy,
The country I loved,
I was in a dim-lit bar.
I could see the Zisa Castle;
In Arabic, it means Saint Splendid.
And it was hot, really hot in August;
And I, quite lazy, carefree and sweaty.

I was tired of
Thoughts I wanted to forget about.
I felt lucky
About the feelings which seemed to disappear
After a lover I hadn’t seen for months.
I did not know why I was there;
I did not care where I was, to be more accurate.

I heard the soft music of Nel Sole;
One of my favorite songs from years before,
And I felt love…
Love I missed in life.
I ordered another red wine
Which was my second glass that night.
Then I felt a wind on my neck;
Soft like a spring breeze,
And strong like a lover’s kiss.

I turned my face
Toward the direction of the wind I felt;
Then, I met his eyes,
Dark green like mine.
I looked at them, lost in them,
God knows how long.
And with my shyness,
I let my eyes run away;
Then I had another drop of wine,
To be honest to calm me down for a while.

My heart beat like a drum;
My cheeks I knew turned plum.
Another, another drop from my Sicilian wine
Kept me without a tear.
Then I heard a voice by my side,
Saying some words
Hard for me to understand.
Somehow the breeze became a thunder,
And the heartbeats a concert.
Both were so strong and loud,
That everyone could feel and hear
In that silent bar.

That place was still half dark;
The air was still humid and hot.
The scent coming from that guy, though,
Made my throat burn all the way down.
I heard a whisper
Just by my right ear,
Hard to believe how soft it was,
And how flirty.
By moving my head to the right,
I met again his deep look
And answered him,
Non parlo Italiano.
He had a big smile while asking
Parli inglese?
And almost breathless I said,
Si, parlo inglese
This was the beginning.

I had another wine;
He had a couple whiskies of a kind I didn’t know.
We had talks,
We had laughs,
Each time closer
For sure stronger,
As if a bind that brought us together.
It was very late at night,
When the bar got closed.

We didn’t know where else to go,
But it seemed we didn’t care either.
By walking directionless,
Almost stupid in the streets of Palermo,
I wished for that moment to last forever.

But I didn’t say a word.
Maybe I couldn’t, I didn’t know,
The silence slowly filled the air.
But I could hear the heartbeats,
And that time not only mine,
But his getting faster too.
Then his hand found mine,
Mine lost in his.
Then his lips found mine,
Mine tasted his.
Then we got close,
So close as if one.
He wanted me;
I said yes, me too.
He touched me
While I cried out.
He loved me
Then I lost my soul.
I loved him
So he met my soul.

Then with laughter and tears
In the arms of each other,
We welcomed feelings of all kinds;
In love, with screams,
In sweat, with cries
Under the stars with a smile.

Deniz Kite, 12th August 2007